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int32_t Calendar::handleGetYearLength ( int32_t  eyear  )  const [protected, virtual, inherited]

Return the number of days in the given extended year of this calendar system. Subclasses should override this method if they can provide a more correct or more efficient implementation than the default implementation in Calendar. ICU 2.0

Reimplemented in HebrewCalendar, IndianCalendar, IslamicCalendar, PersianCalendar, and GregorianCalendar.

Definition at line 2913 of file calendar.cpp.

References FALSE, and Calendar::handleComputeMonthStart().

Referenced by Calendar::computeWeekFields(), Calendar::getActualMaximum(), and Calendar::validateField().

    return handleComputeMonthStart(eyear+1, 0, FALSE) -
        handleComputeMonthStart(eyear, 0, FALSE);

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