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void Calendar::internalSet ( UCalendarDateFields  field,
int32_t  value 
) [inline, protected, inherited]

Sets the value for a given time field. This is a fast internal method for subclasses. It does not affect the areFieldsInSync, isTimeSet, or areAllFieldsSet flags.

field The given time field.
value The value for the given time field. ICU 2.6.
Fast method for subclasses. The caller must maintain fUserSetDSTOffset and fUserSetZoneOffset, as well as the isSet[] array.

Definition at line 2172 of file calendar.h.

References Calendar::fFields, Calendar::fIsSet, Calendar::fStamp, and TRUE.

    fFields[field] = value;
    fStamp[field] = kInternallySet;
    fIsSet[field]     = TRUE; // Remove later

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