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void Calendar::computeGregorianFields ( int32_t  julianDay,
UErrorCode ec 
) [protected, inherited]

Compute the Gregorian calendar year, month, and day of month from the Julian day. These values are not stored in fields, but in member variables gregorianXxx. They are used for time zone computations and by subclasses that are Gregorian derivatives. Subclasses may call this method to perform a Gregorian calendar millis->fields computation.

Definition at line 1313 of file calendar.cpp.

References Grego::dayToFields(), Calendar::fGregorianDayOfMonth, Calendar::fGregorianDayOfYear, Calendar::fGregorianMonth, and Calendar::fGregorianYear.

Referenced by Calendar::computeGregorianAndDOWFields(), and ChineseCalendar::handleComputeMonthStart().

    int32_t gregorianDayOfWeekUnused;
    Grego::dayToFields(julianDay - kEpochStartAsJulianDay, fGregorianYear, fGregorianMonth, fGregorianDayOfMonth, gregorianDayOfWeekUnused, fGregorianDayOfYear);

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