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virtual const char* Calendar::getType (  )  const [pure virtual, inherited]

Returns the resource key string used for this calendar type. For example, prepending "Eras_" to this string could return "Eras_japanese" or "Eras_gregorian".

static string, for example, "gregorian" or "japanese"

For internal use only.

Implemented in BuddhistCalendar, ChineseCalendar, CopticCalendar, EthiopicCalendar, HebrewCalendar, IndianCalendar, IslamicCalendar, JapaneseCalendar, PersianCalendar, TaiwanCalendar, and GregorianCalendar.

Referenced by SimpleDateFormat::construct(), Calendar::createInstance(), SimpleDateFormat::format(), DateIntervalFormat::format(), SimpleDateFormat::initializeSymbols(), and SimpleDateFormat::parse().

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