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UBool AnnualTimeZoneRule::isEquivalentTo ( const TimeZoneRule that  )  const [virtual]

Returns if this rule represents the same rule and offsets as another. When two TimeZoneRule objects differ only its names, this method returns true.

that The TimeZoneRule object to be compared with.
true if the other TimeZoneRule is equivalent to this one. ICU 3.8

Reimplemented from TimeZoneRule.

Definition at line 319 of file tzrule.cpp.

References FALSE, fDateTimeRule, fEndYear, fStartYear, UObject::getDynamicClassID(), getDynamicClassID(), TimeZoneRule::isEquivalentTo(), and TRUE.

    if (this == &other) {
        return TRUE;
    if (getDynamicClassID() != other.getDynamicClassID() ||
        TimeZoneRule::isEquivalentTo(other) == FALSE) {
        return FALSE;
    AnnualTimeZoneRule* that = (AnnualTimeZoneRule*)&other;
    return (*fDateTimeRule == *(that->fDateTimeRule) &&
            fStartYear == that->fStartYear &&
            fEndYear == that->fEndYear);

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