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UBool AnnualTimeZoneRule::getFirstStart ( int32_t  prevRawOffset,
int32_t  prevDSTSavings,
UDate result 
) const [virtual]

Gets the very first time when this rule takes effect.

prevRawOffset The standard time offset from UTC before this rule takes effect in milliseconds.
prevDSTSavings The amount of daylight saving offset from the standard time.
result Receives the very first time when this rule takes effect.
true if the start time is available. When false is returned, output parameter "result" is unchanged. ICU 3.8

Implements TimeZoneRule.

Definition at line 334 of file tzrule.cpp.

References getStartInYear().

Referenced by getNextStart(), and BasicTimeZone::getTimeZoneRulesAfter().

    return getStartInYear(fStartYear, prevRawOffset, prevDSTSavings, result);

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