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int32_t Calendar::getMinimum ( EDateFields  field  )  const [virtual, inherited]

Gets the minimum value for the given time field. e.g., for Gregorian DAY_OF_MONTH, 1.

field The given time field.
The minimum value for the given time field.
ICU 2.6. Use getMinimum(UCalendarDateFields field) instead.

Definition at line 2098 of file calendar.cpp.

References Calendar::getLimit().

Referenced by GregorianCalendar::boundsCheck(), GregorianCalendar::getActualMinimum(), Calendar::getActualMinimum(), CalendarRegressionTest::test4118384(), Calendar::validateField(), and GregorianCalendar::validateFields().

    return getLimit((UCalendarDateFields) field,UCAL_LIMIT_MINIMUM);

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