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int32_t Calendar::getActualMinimum ( EDateFields  field,
UErrorCode status 
) const [inherited]

Return the minimum value that this field could have, given the current date. For the Gregorian calendar, this is the same as getMinimum() and getGreatestMinimum().

The version of this function on Calendar uses an iterative algorithm to determine the actual minimum value for the field. There is almost always a more efficient way to accomplish this (in most cases, you can simply return getMinimum()). GregorianCalendar overrides this function with a more efficient implementation.

field the field to determine the minimum of
status Fill-in parameter which receives the status of this operation.
the minimum of the given field for the current date of this Calendar
ICU 2.6. Use getActualMinimum(UCalendarDateFields field, UErrorCode& status) instead.

Reimplemented in GregorianCalendar.

Definition at line 2149 of file calendar.cpp.

Referenced by Calendar::pinField(), and Calendar::roll().

    return getActualMinimum((UCalendarDateFields) field, status);

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