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static StringEnumeration* U_EXPORT2 Calendar::getKeywordValuesForLocale ( const char *  key,
const Locale locale,
UBool  commonlyUsed,
UErrorCode status 
) [static, inherited]

Given a key and a locale, returns an array of string values in a preferred order that would make a difference. These are all and only those values where the open (creation) of the service with the locale formed from the input locale plus input keyword and that value has different behavior than creation with the input locale alone.

key one of the keys supported by this service. For now, only "calendar" is supported.
locale the locale
commonlyUsed if set to true it will return only commonly used values with the given locale in preferred order. Otherwise, it will return all the available values for the locale.
status ICU Error Code
a string enumeration over keyword values for the given key and the locale. ICU 4.2

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