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U_STABLE int32_t U_EXPORT2 uloc_getDisplayCountry ( const char *  locale,
const char *  displayLocale,
UChar country,
int32_t  countryCapacity,
UErrorCode status 

Gets the country name suitable for display for the specified locale.

localethe locale to get the displayable country code with. NULL may be used to specify the default.
displayLocaleSpecifies the locale to be used to display the name. In other words, if the locale's language code is "en", passing Locale::getFrench() for inLocale would result in "Anglais", while passing Locale::getGerman() for inLocale would result in "Englisch". NULL may be used to specify the default.
countrythe displayable country code for localeID
countryCapacitythe size of the country buffer to store the displayable country code with
statuserror information if retrieving the displayable country code failed
the actual buffer size needed for the displayable country code. If it's greater than countryCapacity, the returned displayable country code will be truncated. ICU 2.0

Definition at line 2304 of file uloc.c.

    return _getDisplayNameForComponent(locale, displayLocale, dest, destCapacity,
                uloc_getCountry, _kCountries, pErrorCode);

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