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Public Attributes

UTransPosition Struct Reference

#include <utrans.h>

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Public Attributes

int32_t contextLimit
int32_t contextStart
int32_t limit
int32_t start

Detailed Description

Position structure for utrans_transIncremental() incremental transliteration. This structure defines two substrings of the text being transliterated. The first region, [contextStart, contextLimit), defines what characters the transliterator will read as context. The second region, [start, limit), defines what characters will actually be transliterated. The second region should be a subset of the first.

After a transliteration operation, some of the indices in this structure will be modified. See the field descriptions for details.

contextStart <= start <= limit <= contextLimit

Note: All index values in this structure must be at code point boundaries. That is, none of them may occur between two code units of a surrogate pair. If any index does split a surrogate pair, results are unspecified.

ICU 2.0

Definition at line 118 of file utrans.h.

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