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unicode Directory Reference

Directory dependency graph for icu/source/common/unicode/:


file  brkiter.h [code]

C++ API: Break Iterator.

file  bytestream.h [code]

C++ API: Interface for writing bytes, and implementation classes.

file  caniter.h [code]

C++ API: Canonical Iterator.

file  chariter.h [code]

C++ API: Character Iterator.

file  dbbi.h [code]

C++ API: Dictionary Based Break Iterator.

file  docmain.h [code]
file  dtintrv.h [code]

C++ API: Date Interval data type.

file  errorcode.h [code]

C++ API: ErrorCode class intended to make it easier to use ICU C and C++ APIs from C++ user code.

file  locid.h [code]

C++ API: Locale ID object.

file  normlzr.h [code]

C++ API: Unicode Normalization.

file  parseerr.h [code]

C API: Parse Error Information.

file  parsepos.h [code]

C++ API: Canonical Iterator.

file  ppalmos.h [code]

Configuration constants for the Palm OS platform.

file  putil.h [code]

C API: Platform Utilities.

file  pwin32.h [code]

Configuration constants for the Windows platform.

file  rbbi.h [code]

C++ API: Rule Based Break Iterator.

file  rep.h [code]

C++ API: Replaceable String.

file  resbund.h [code]

C++ API: Resource Bundle.

file  schriter.h [code]

C++ API: String Character Iterator.

file  std_string.h [code]

C++ API: Central ICU header for including the C++ standard <string> header and for related definitions.

file  strenum.h [code]

C++ API: String Enumeration.

file  stringpiece.h [code]

C++ API: StringPiece: Read-only byte string wrapper class.

file  symtable.h [code]

C++ API: An interface that defines both lookup protocol and parsing of symbolic names.

file  ubidi.h [code]

C API: Bidi algorithm.

file  ubrk.h [code]

C API: BreakIterator.

file  ucasemap.h [code]

C API: Unicode case mapping functions using a UCaseMap service object.

file  ucat.h [code]

C API: Message Catalog Wrappers.

file  uchar.h [code]

C API: Unicode Properties.

file  uchriter.h [code]

C++ API: UChar Character Iterator.

file  uclean.h [code]

C API: Initialize and clean up ICU.

file  ucnv.h [code]

C API: Character conversion.

file  ucnv_cb.h [code]

C UConverter functions to aid the writers of callbacks.

file  ucnv_err.h [code]

C UConverter predefined error callbacks.

file  ucnvsel.h [code]
file  uconfig.h [code]

Switches for excluding parts of ICU library code modules.

file  udata.h [code]

C API: Data loading interface.

file  udeprctd.h [code]
file  udraft.h [code]
file  uenum.h [code]

C API: String Enumeration.

file  uidna.h [code]

C API: Internationalized Domain Names in Applications Tranformation.

file  uintrnal.h [code]
file  uiter.h [code]

C API: Unicode Character Iteration.

file  uloc.h [code]

C API: Locale.

file  umachine.h [code]

Basic types and constants for UTF.

file  umisc.h [code]

C API:misc definitions.

file  unifilt.h [code]

C++ API: Unicode Filter.

file  unifunct.h [code]

C++ API: Unicode Functor.

file  unimatch.h [code]

C++ API: Unicode Matcher.

file  uniset.h [code]

C++ API: Unicode Set.

file  unistr.h [code]

C++ API: Unicode String.

file  unorm.h [code]

C API: Unicode Normalization.

file  uobject.h [code]

C++ API: Common ICU base class UObject.

file  uobslete.h [code]
file  urename.h [code]
file  urep.h [code]

C API: Callbacks for UReplacebale.

file  ures.h [code]

C API: Resource Bundle.

file  uscript.h [code]

C API: Unicode Script Information.

file  uset.h [code]

C API: Unicode Set.

file  usetiter.h [code]

C++ API: UnicodeSetIterator iterates over the contents of a UnicodeSet.

file  ushape.h [code]

C API: Arabic shaping.

file  usprep.h [code]

C API: Implements the StringPrep algorithm.

file  ustring.h [code]

C API: Unicode string handling functions.

file  usystem.h [code]
file  utext.h [code]

C API: Abstract Unicode Text API.

file  utf.h [code]

C API: Code point macros.

file  utf16.h [code]

C API: 16-bit Unicode handling macros.

file  utf32.h [code]

C API: UTF-32 macros.

file  utf8.h [code]

C API: 8-bit Unicode handling macros.

file  utf_old.h [code]

C API: Deprecated macros for Unicode string handling.

file  utrace.h [code]

C API: Definitions for ICU tracing/logging.

file  utypes.h [code]

Basic definitions for ICU, for both C and C++ APIs.

file  uversion.h [code]

C API: Contains all the important version numbers for ICU.

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