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void UnicodeNameTransliterator::handleTransliterate ( Replaceable text,
UTransPosition offsets,
UBool  isIncremental 
) const [protected, virtual]

Implements Transliterator#handleTransliterate.

textthe buffer holding transliterated and untransliterated text
offsetthe start and limit of the text, the position of the cursor, and the start and limit of transliteration.
incrementalif true, assume more text may be coming after pos.contextLimit. Otherwise, assume the text is complete.

Implements Transliterator#handleTransliterate. Ignore isIncremental since we don't need the context, and we work on codepoints.

Implements Transliterator.

Definition at line 69 of file uni2name.cpp.

References UnicodeString::append(), Replaceable::char32At(), UTransPosition::contextLimit, FALSE, Replaceable::handleReplaceBetween(), UTransPosition::limit, NULL, UTransPosition::start, UnicodeString::truncate(), U_FAILURE, U_ZERO_ERROR, US_INV, and UTF_CHAR_LENGTH.

    // The failure mode, here and below, is to behave like Any-Null,
    // if either there is no name data (max len == 0) or there is no
    // memory (malloc() => NULL).

    int32_t maxLen = uprv_getMaxCharNameLength();
    if (maxLen == 0) {
        offsets.start = offsets.limit;

    // Accomodate the longest possible name plus padding
    char* buf = (char*) uprv_malloc(maxLen);
    if (buf == NULL) {
        offsets.start = offsets.limit;
    int32_t cursor = offsets.start;
    int32_t limit = offsets.limit;

    UnicodeString str(FALSE, OPEN_DELIM, OPEN_DELIM_LEN);
    UErrorCode status;
    int32_t len;

    while (cursor < limit) {
        UChar32 c = text.char32At(cursor);
        int32_t clen = UTF_CHAR_LENGTH(c);
        status = U_ZERO_ERROR;
        if ((len = u_charName(c, U_EXTENDED_CHAR_NAME, buf, maxLen, &status)) >0 && !U_FAILURE(status)) {
            str.append(UnicodeString(buf, len, US_INV)).append(CLOSE_DELIM);
            text.handleReplaceBetween(cursor, cursor+clen, str);
            len += OPEN_DELIM_LEN + 1; // adjust for delimiters
            cursor += len; // advance cursor and adjust for new text
            limit += len-clen; // change in length
        } else {
            cursor += clen;

    offsets.contextLimit += limit - offsets.limit;
    offsets.limit = limit;
    offsets.start = cursor;


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