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StringEnumeration *U_EXPORT2 TimeZone::createEnumeration (  ) [static, inherited]

Returns an enumeration over all recognized time zone IDs. (i.e., all strings that createTimeZone() accepts)

an enumeration object, owned by the caller. ICU 2.4

Definition at line 864 of file timezone.cpp.

Referenced by CalendarRegressionTest::test4031502(), CalendarRegressionTest::test4040996(), TimeZoneRegressionTest::Test4151406(), TimeZoneTest::TestCountries(), TimeZoneTest::TestGetAvailableIDs913(), CalendarRegressionTest::TestTimeZoneTransitionAdd(), DateFormatTest::TestWallyWedel(), ucal_openCountryTimeZones(), and ucal_openTimeZones().

    return new TZEnumeration();

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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