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U_CDECL_END NameUnicodeTransliterator::NameUnicodeTransliterator ( UnicodeFilter adoptedFilter = 0 )

Constructs a transliterator.

adoptedFilterthe filter for this transliterator.

Constructs a transliterator with the default delimiters '{' and '}'.

Definition at line 59 of file name2uni.cpp.

References legal, and NULL.

Referenced by clone().

    Transliterator(UNICODE_STRING("Name-Any", 8), adoptedFilter) {

    UnicodeSet *legalPtr = &legal;
    // Get the legal character set
    USetAdder sa = {
        (USet *)legalPtr, // USet* == UnicodeSet*
        NULL, // Don't need _set_addRange
        NULL, // Don't need _set_addString
        NULL, // Don't need remove()

Here is the caller graph for this function:

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