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HangulOpenTypeLayoutEngine::HangulOpenTypeLayoutEngine ( const LEFontInstance fontInstance,
le_int32  scriptCode,
le_int32  languageCode,
le_int32  typoFlags,
const GlyphSubstitutionTableHeader gsubTable,
LEErrorCode success 

This is the main constructor. It constructs an instance of HangulOpenTypeLayoutEngine for a particular font, script and language. It takes the GSUB table as a parameter since LayoutEngine::layoutEngineFactory has to read the GSUB table to know that it has an Hangul OpenType font.

fontInstance- the font
scriptCode- the script
langaugeCode- the language
gsubTable- the GSUB table
success- set to an error code if the operation fails
See also:
ScriptAndLangaugeTags.h for script and language codes

Definition at line 186 of file HangulLayoutEngine.cpp.

References OpenTypeLayoutEngine::fFeatureMap, OpenTypeLayoutEngine::fFeatureMapCount, OpenTypeLayoutEngine::fFeatureOrder, and TRUE.

    : OpenTypeLayoutEngine(fontInstance, scriptCode, korLanguageCode, typoFlags, gsubTable, success)
    fFeatureMap = featureMap;
    fFeatureMapCount = featureMapCount;
    fFeatureOrder = TRUE;

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