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IndicRearrangement.h File Reference

#include "LETypes.h"
#include "LayoutTables.h"
#include "StateTables.h"
#include "MorphTables.h"
#include "MorphStateTables.h"
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struct  IndicRearrangementStateEntry
struct  IndicRearrangementSubtableHeader


enum  IndicRearrangementFlags {
  irfMarkFirst = 0x8000, irfDontAdvance = 0x4000, irfMarkLast = 0x2000, irfReserved = 0x1FF0,
  irfVerbMask = 0x000F
enum  IndicRearrangementVerb {
  irvNoAction = 0x0000, irvxA = 0x0001, irvDx = 0x0002, irvDxA = 0x0003,
  irvxAB = 0x0004, irvxBA = 0x0005, irvCDx = 0x0006, irvDCx = 0x0007,
  irvCDxA = 0x0008, irvDCxA = 0x0009, irvDxAB = 0x000A, irvDxBA = 0x000B,
  irvCDxAB = 0x000C, irvCDxBA = 0x000D, irvDCxAB = 0x000E, irvDCxBA = 0x000F

Detailed Description

Definition in file IndicRearrangement.h.

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