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*   Copyright (C) 1999-2001, International Business Machines
*   Corporation and others.  All Rights Reserved.
*  ucnv_imp.h:
*  Contains all internal and external data structure definitions
* Created & Maitained by Bertrand A. Damiba
* ---------
* Although the data structures in this file are open and stack allocatable
* we reserve the right to hide them in further releases.

#ifndef UCNV_IMP_H
#define UCNV_IMP_H

#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include "ucnv_bld.h"

/* figures out if we need to go to file to read in the data tables.
UConverter *ucnv_createConverter (const char *converterName, UErrorCode * err);

/* Stores the shared data in the SHARED_DATA_HASHTABLE
void ucnv_shareConverterData (UConverterSharedData * data);

/* gets the shared data from the SHARED_DATA_HASHTABLE (might return NULL if it isn't there)
UConverterSharedData *ucnv_getSharedConverterData (const char *name);

/* Deletes (frees) the Shared data it's passed. first it checks the referenceCounter to
 * see if anyone is using it, if not it frees all the memory stemming from sharedConverterData and
 * returns TRUE,
 * otherwise returns FALSE
UBool ucnv_deleteSharedConverterData (UConverterSharedData * sharedConverterData);

/* returns true if "name" is in algorithmicConverterNames
UBool ucnv_isDataBasedConverter (const char *name);

void ucnv_copyPlatformString (char *platformString, UConverterPlatform pltfrm);

#endif /* _UCNV_IMP */

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