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API Reference Usage

C++ Programmers:

Use Class Hierarchy or <a href="classes.html> Alphabetical List or Compound List to find the class you are interested in. For example, to find BreakIterator, you can go to the Alphabetical List, then click on "BreakIterator". Once you are at the class, you will find an inheritance chart, a list of the public members, a detailed description of the class, then detailed member descriptions.

C Programmers:

Use Module List or File Members to find a list of all the functions and constants. For example, to find BreakIterator functions you would click on File List, then find "ubrk.h" and click on it. You will find descriptions of Defines, Typedefs, Enumerations, and Functions, with detailed descriptions below. If you want to find a specific function, such as ubrk_next(), then click first on File Members, then use your browser Find dialog to search for "ubrk_next()".

API References for Previous Releases

The API References for the previous release are available online. For each release there are also .zip and .tgz files for the API References on the download page of the release.

Architecture (User's Guide)

Module List

Description C C++
Basic types and constants utypes.h utypes.h
Strings and Character Iteration ustring.h, utf.h UnicodeString, CharacterIterator
Unicode character
properties and names
uchar.h uchar.h C API
(the C++ Unicode class is deprecated)
Codepage conversion ucnv.h ucnv.h C API<br>(UnicodeConverter is deprecated)
Locales uloc.h Locale
Resource Bundles ures.h ResourceBundle
Date and Time Formatting udat.h DateFormat
Calendars ucal.h Calendar
Message Formatting umsg.h MessageFormat
Number Formatting unum.h NumberFormat
Normalization unorm.h Normalizer
Transliteration utrans.h Transliterator
Bidirectional Algorithm ubidi.h ubidi.h C API<br>(BiDi is deprecated)
Collation and Searching ucol.h, usearch.h Collator, StringSearch
Text boundary analysis<br>(Break Iteration) ubrk.h BreakIterator
Unicode Text Compression ucnv.h
(encoding name "SCSU")
(scsu.h is deprecated)
ucnv.h C API
Arabic Shaping ushape.h ushape.h C API

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