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 * Copyright (c) 2001, International Business Machines Corporation and
 * others. All Rights Reserved.
#include "unicode/utypes.h"
#include "unicode/ustring.h"
#include "unicode/ctest.h"
#include "unicode/ucnv.h"

void TestEuroRegression(void);
void addTestEuroRegression(TestNode** root);

void addTestEuroRegression(TestNode** root)
    addTest(root, &TestEuroRegression, "tsconv/eurocreg/TestEuroRegression");

 * The table below lists codepages that are supposed to have roundtrip mappings for
 * the U+20AC Euro sign.
 * Changes made 2000nov28 and marked as such are due to the following:
 * After updating all ibm-*.ucm files with precise fallback indicators (|0, |1, |3),
 * some of these codepages failed the Euro regression test.
 * This means that the actuall mappings changed when only the preciseness of fallback
 * mappings should have changed.
 * My (Markus) suspicion is that some files got Euro sign mappings added manually,
 * changing their contents compared to the NLTC (IBM Toronto codepage database) definition.
 * Such changes are highly undesirable because they effectively define new codepages.
 * Codepage mapping files with "ibm-*.ucm" should always exactly match the files
 * from the IBM codepage database.
 * (If there are several mappings with the same number, then we choose the
 * default mappings with Private-Use Area assignments.)
 * Also, in the past, some aliases were set such that e.g. cp850 became an alias for ibm-858.
 * This followed the practice of OS/2 that uses the old codepage number 850 for the new
 * codepage 858, with the main difference being the additional Euro sign.
 * However, we have documented that the "cp" prefix should be used for Microsoft-compatible
 * codepages, and Microsoft Windows 2000's codepage 850 does not contain a Euro sign mapping.
 * Therefore, cp850 must not support the Euro sign.
 * In these cases, I have changed the codepage name here to point to a newer codepage with the
 * Euro sign, using its new name.
 * I could not find such "updates" for codepages 1362 and 1363 - we might want to supply them later.

char convertersToCheck[][15] = { 
  "ibm-858", /* was "cp850" changed 2000nov28 */
  /* duplicate "cp850" removed 2000nov28 */
  "ibm-12712", /* was "cp424" changed 2000nov28 */
  "ibm-4899", /* was "cp803" changed 2000nov28 */
  /*  "cp819",
  /*  "cp9066",
  /*  "cp4930",
  /* "cp1362" removed 2000nov28
     "cp1363" removed 2000nov28 */

UBool isEuroAware(UConverter*);

void TestEuroRegression()
    int32_t i=0;

        UErrorCode err = U_ZERO_ERROR;
        UConverter* myConv =  ucnv_open(convertersToCheck[i], &err);
        if (U_FAILURE(err)&&convertersToCheck[i][0])
            log_err("%s  \tMISSING [%s]\n", convertersToCheck[i], u_errorName(err));
            if (isEuroAware(myConv))
                log_verbose("%s  \tsupports euro\n", convertersToCheck[i]);
                log_err("%s  \tDOES NOT support euro\n", convertersToCheck[i]);
    } while (convertersToCheck[++i][0]);

UBool isEuroAware(UConverter* myConv)
    static const UChar euroString[2] = { 0x20AC, 0x0000 };
    char target[20];
    UChar euroBack[2];
    int32_t targetSize, euroBackSize;
    UErrorCode err = U_ZERO_ERROR;
    /*const char* myName =   ucnv_getName(myConv, &err);*/

    targetSize = ucnv_fromUChars(myConv,
    if (U_FAILURE(err))
      log_err("Failure Occured in ucnv_fromUChars euro roundtrip test\n");
      return FALSE;
    euroBackSize = ucnv_toUChars(myConv,
    if (U_FAILURE(err))
        log_err("Failure Occured in ucnv_toUChars euro roundtrip test\n");
        return FALSE;
    if (u_strcmp(euroString, euroBack)) 
        /*      log_err("%s FAILED Euro rountrip\n", myName);*/
        return FALSE;
        /*      log_verbose("%s PASSED Euro rountrip\n", myName);*/
        return TRUE;


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