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 * Copyright (c) 1997-2001, International Business Machines Corporation and
 * others. All Rights Reserved.
* Modification History:
*        Name                     Description            
*     Madhu Katragadda            Converted to C
*     synwee                      added test for quick check
*     synwee                      added test for checkFCD
#ifndef _NORMTST
#define _NORMTST
 *  tests for u_normalization

#include "cintltst.h"
    void TestDecomp(void);
    void TestCompatDecomp(void);
    void TestCanonDecompCompose(void);
    void TestCompatDecompCompose(void);
    void TestNull(void);
    void TestQuickCheck(void);
    void TestCheckFCD(void);

    /*internal functions*/
/*    static void assertEqual(const UChar* result,  const UChar* expected, int32_t index);
    static void assertEqual(const UChar* result,  const char* expected, int32_t index);



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