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Collator Member List

This is the complete list of members for Collator, including all inherited members.

clone(void) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
Collator()Collator [protected]
Collator(UCollationStrength collationStrength, UNormalizationMode decompositionMode)Collator [protected]
Collator(const Collator &other)Collator [protected]
compare(const UnicodeString &source, const UnicodeString &target) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
compare(const UnicodeString &source, const UnicodeString &target, int32_t length) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
compare(const UChar *source, int32_t sourceLength, const UChar *target, int32_t targetLength) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
createInstance(UErrorCode &err)Collator [static]
createInstance(const Locale &loc, UErrorCode &err)Collator [static]
createInstance(const Locale &loc, UVersionInfo version, UErrorCode &err)Collator [static]
ECollationStrength enum nameCollator
EComparisonResult enum nameCollator
EQUAL enum value (defined in Collator)Collator
equals(const UnicodeString &source, const UnicodeString &target) const Collator
getAttribute(UColAttribute attr, UErrorCode &status)=0Collator [pure virtual]
getAvailableLocales(int32_t &count)Collator [static]
getBound(const uint8_t *source, int32_t sourceLength, UColBoundMode boundType, uint32_t noOfLevels, uint8_t *result, int32_t resultLength, UErrorCode &status)Collator [static]
getCollationKey(const UnicodeString &source, CollationKey &key, UErrorCode &status) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
getCollationKey(const UChar *source, int32_t sourceLength, CollationKey &key, UErrorCode &status) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
getDecomposition(void) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
getDisplayName(const Locale &objectLocale, const Locale &displayLocale, UnicodeString &name)Collator [static]
getDisplayName(const Locale &objectLocale, UnicodeString &name)Collator [static]
getDynamicClassID(void) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
getLocale(ULocDataLocaleType type, UErrorCode &status) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
getSortKey(const UnicodeString &source, uint8_t *result, int32_t resultLength) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
getSortKey(const UChar *source, int32_t sourceLength, uint8_t *result, int32_t resultLength) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
getStrength(void) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
getVariableTop(UErrorCode &status) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
getVersion(UVersionInfo info) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
greater(const UnicodeString &source, const UnicodeString &target) const Collator
GREATER enum value (defined in Collator)Collator
greaterOrEqual(const UnicodeString &source, const UnicodeString &target) const Collator
hashCode(void) const =0Collator [pure virtual]
IDENTICAL enum value (defined in Collator)Collator
LESS enum value (defined in Collator)Collator
operator!=(const Collator &other) const Collator [inline, virtual]
operator==(const Collator &other) const Collator [inline, virtual]
PRIMARY enum value (defined in Collator)Collator
QUATERNARY enum value (defined in Collator)Collator
safeClone(void)=0Collator [pure virtual]
SECONDARY enum value (defined in Collator)Collator
setAttribute(UColAttribute attr, UColAttributeValue value, UErrorCode &status)=0Collator [pure virtual]
setDecomposition(Normalizer::EMode mode)=0Collator [pure virtual]
setStrength(ECollationStrength newStrength)=0Collator [pure virtual]
setVariableTop(const UChar *varTop, int32_t len, UErrorCode &status)=0Collator [pure virtual]
setVariableTop(const UnicodeString varTop, UErrorCode &status)=0Collator [pure virtual]
setVariableTop(const uint32_t varTop, UErrorCode &status)=0Collator [pure virtual]
TERTIARY enum value (defined in Collator)Collator
~Collator()Collator [virtual]

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