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 * Copyright (c) 1997-2001, International Business Machines Corporation and
 * others. All Rights Reserved.
* Modification History:
*        Name                     Description            
*     Madhu Katragadda            Converted to C
 * CollationFrenchTest is a third level test class.  This tests the locale
 * specific primary, secondary and tertiary rules.  For example, the ignorable
 * character '-' in string "black-bird".  The en_US locale uses the default
 * collation rules as its sorting sequence.


#include "cintltst.h"

#define MAX_TOKEN_LEN 16

    /* performs Extra tests*/
   static void TestExtra(void);

    /* perform test with strength SECONDARY*/
 static   void TestSecondary(void);

    /*perform test with strength TERTIARY*/
static    void TestTertiary(void);


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